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Our team of Chinese translators specialises in legal, financial, medical & technical translations. Due to their proactive attitude they are always ready to help resolve any issues and flexible to meet any requirements. They are committed to undertaking continual professional development and they abide by professional standards of ethics, conduct and practice



2026843320ANN | Why Choose Me?

As a Chinese Translation and Interpreting student from Newcastle University, I have acquired all the important skills of translating and interpreting, at the same time, I have also accumulated a vast background knowledge alongside everyday translating and interpreting practice in finance, technology, history, art & culture, politics, architecture, law and etc. Therefore I can handle materials of different kinds. I have also obtained relevant experience as full-time or part-time chinese translator in the past few years.

About me

I am a graduate of MA Translation and Interpreting of Newcastle University, hence a qualified Chinese linguist. I hold great enthusiasm towards translation and interpreting, I am always eager to learn new knowledge and explore the unknown.
I am always punctual and can be regarded as a reliable partner or colleague.

My Education as Chinese Translator

09/2015 – 08/2016 Newcastle University (MA in Translating and Interpreting)

Core subjects studied Simultaneous Interpreting (Merit)
Consecutive Interpreting (Merit)
Public Service Interpreting (Pass)
Specialised Translation: English to Chinese (Merit)
Drama Translation for Translators and Interpreters (Distinction)

Dissertation: Tackling Financial Issues: Extended Translation of Beales 2014 Annual Report

18/03/2015 – 14/05/2015 Full-time Chinese English-Chinese translator of OnionTour (an Internet travel company located in Beijing)
Key responsibilities:
•Translating food reviews from worldwide restaurants sourced by Yelp into Chinese
•Uploading Chinese translations to the background system of OnionTour and formatting the translation when necessary

05/2016 Part-time English-Chinese translator for the North Leadership Centre of Newcastle University
Key responsibilities:
•Translating publicity brochures regarding the programmes of the North Leadership Centre
•Working with technicians to format the translation and produce the final brochure

10/06/2016 – 15/08/2016 Financial Translation Project (as required by Newcastle University)
Key responsibilities:
•Translating the 2014 Annual Report of Beales (an iconic British department store chain) including Group Strategic Report, Chairman’s Statement, Financial Review and Financial Statements

06/2016 Student helper of Chinese Drama Translation Colloquium
Key responsibilities:
•Liaising between colloquium speakers and organisers
•Ensuring smoothness of on-site events and organisation

09/2011 – 08/2015 Shaoxing University (BA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language)

Core subjects studied Ancient Chinese (92/100)
Modern Chinese (94/100)
Chinese Ancient Literature (90/100)
Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature (82/100)
Foreign Literature (84/100)

Services I offer as Chinese Translator

Chinese Conference Interpreter, Chinese Business Interpreter, Chinese Translator
Chinese Conference Interpreter, Chinese Business Interpreter, Chinese Translator
Chinese Public Service Interpreting

Chinese Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

Finance/Food and Drink/Environment/Media/Technology
Finance/Food and Drink/Environment/Media/Technology

Reviews about my Chinese Translation services

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