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Our professional Chinese Translators, Chinese Interpreters / Chinese Conference Interpreters have obtained the appropriate qualifications and they have solid relevant experience (they are experienced in business interpreting). They abide by professional standards of ethics, conduct and practice and they are acquainted with the latest technologies in the field.



Picture of Chinese Interpreter, Chinese Conference Interpreter and Chinese Translator who specialises in Chinese Interpreting Services and Chinese Translation Services. MING JAMES LEE | Why Choose Me?

Working as an English teacher in Taiwan as well as an Chinese Conference Interpreter and a Chinese language tutor for companies in the U.K., I have an abundant knowledge and a wealth of experiences in teaching, English language, English linguistics and English literature.


In addition, I have the educational background, which covers all of these specific specialties, required to be an effective English lecturer. I believe I am suitable for this role as I have a wealth of experience working as an ESL instructor and personal tutor back in my home country for many years. Being an ESL instructor requires not only professional English skills but also patience. Furthermore, this job also requires good communication skills, as I was also responsible for recruiting foreigner teachers for the education institute ran by my parent. In addition to this I have been working as a freelance Chinese Conference interpreter and Chinese translator at a highly advanced level for many years, which enables me not only to have good skills in both languages, but also to explain and use both languages with the most accurate equivalences, ensuring my students and clients understand the content as clearly as possible. At the moment, I am working as a part-time Chinese court and NHS interpreter and Chinese Translator in the U.K. So far, I have already done over 400 approved hours for interpreting for court and NHS, for which there are over 400 hours approved hours. In addition, I also have a great experience of interpreting for conferences including academic symposiums, council meetings, core meetings, governmental meetings and so forth. In terms of the English language, I hold the overall score of 8 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with 8.5 on the listening section (where 9 is the highest score and at Cambridge and Oxford Universities, the entry requirement for non-native speakers is 7.5). Professionally, I have a Postgraduate Certificate of Interpreting and Translating at Newcastle University and completed my MA degree in Linguistics and English Language at Newcastle University, which strengthens my understanding of the structure of English as well as other languages while further confirming my status of qualified Chinese Interpreter, Chinese Conference Interpreter and Chinese Translator. I completed my CELTA course. Also, it cultivates my understanding of the culture behind the English language, making me use more precise terms while interpreting or translating from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese. Back in my home country, I provided Chinese translation Services and Chinese Interpreting / Chinese Conference Interpreting services with a wide range of variety. I provided Chinese Translation services of program notes for concerts or recitals, abstracts for theses or dissertations, advert flyers and so on. As for interpreting experiences, I have had experiences working as an Chinese escort interpreter for teachers from the Czech Republic and U.S.A. Currently, I am working as an Chinese interpreter and Chinese Translator for court, NHS and legal firms. Personally, I consider myself to be very good at communicating and mediating, which are beneficial especially to interpreting, as I will meet clients from different walks of life. Apart from this, I am an open-minded person, who is always willing to try something new, making me keep myself updated and absorb new knowledge at the same time. Apart from Mandarin Chinese and English, I speak Taiwanese (native), Japanese (beginner) and Spanish (intermediate), hence I a very versatile Chinese translator

About me

In July 2010 I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language and Literature at Tunghai University, where I was involved in a number of roles within the school, hence I am qualified Chinese Translator. Elected as Class Leader, I was responsible for expressing the views of 120 students in my academic year through the duration of my course. This included holding presentations in front of 3 undergraduate classes, explaining the outcomes of staff/student representative meetings and recent developments. In addition, elected as a Public Relations Representative in the department’s student association, I was responsible for promoting my department and looking for sponsors from local businesses. I also worked as a volunteer for the International Education Affairs Office to help exchange students from other countries to orient themselves with the campus since that I was helped by people when I was studying English at Girton College, Cambridge University.

Throughout my university life, I worked as a part time English lecturer for the cram schools and also as a private English Tutor for students at different levels. Before I came to Newcastle for my MA degree, I had been teaching English for students at various levels for almost 7 years. I was also in charge of recruiting foreign teachers for the education institutes owed by my parents. Apart from English, I also learnt Spanish for 3 years and Japanese for 1 year at university.

In addition to this, I have been working as a freelance Chinese Interpreter / Chinese Conference Interpreter and Chinese Translator. As a minor in Music, I have provided Chinese Translation Services and translated many programme notes for both professors and professional performers. For interpreting experiences, I have worked as an Chinese escort interpreter for exchange students and teachers as well as performers from other countries. After getting a Postgraduate Certificate of Translating and Interpreting at Newcastle University, I completed my MA degree in English Language and Linguistics at Newcastle University, where I explored not only academically but also culturally. Hence I am a qualified Chinese Interpreter / Chinese Translator.


May 2016-Current:

Bilingual Support Assistant- Gateshead City Council, U.K.

I am a bilingual support assistant helping students and families whose first language is not English by providing various services as Chinese Translation Services.

Chinese Mandarin Interpreter – Telelanguage, U.S.

I am an Chinese interpreter / Chinese Translator for the primary health care in the U.S, offering Interpreting and Chinese Translation Services.

Chinese Mandarin Interpreter – Language Line Solutions, U.K.

I am an Chinese interpreter / Chinese Translator for the NHS in the U.K. and the primary healthcare in the U.S, and I offer  Chinese Interpreting / Chinese Translation Services.


April 2016-June 2016:

Localisation Online Chinese Translator – Incling, U.K.

I was a Chinese translator for the comments in Chinese into English from hostel.com, hotel.com, booking.com and trivago.com. This was a project of an online forum where tourists gave their opinions on travelling to Japan.

March 2016-Current:

Volunteer – City of Sanctuary, Newcastle, U.K.

I am a volunteer to help refugees with their English, providing Chinese Translation Services

Government Chinese Conference Interpreter – Total Linguistics, U.K.

I am an Chinese Conference interpreter for conferences for government, including conference for trades between China and the U.K.


January 2016-Current:

Chinese Business Interpreter – Cover People, U.K.

I am an Chinese interpreter / Chinese Translator for conferences and press conferences, including business conferences.


November 2015-Current:

NHS and Council Chinese Interpreter- A A Global Language Service, U.K.

I am an Chinese interpreter and Chinese Translator for the NHS and councils in Cumbria area. I interpreted from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English for surgeons, doctors and council workers.

May 2015-Current:

Chinese – English Translator – Euro London, U.K.

I am a Chinese-English Translator providing Chinese Translation services of documents from English into Chinese or vice versa for schools and companies around the world including China, Germany and the U.S.A.


April 2015-Current:

Part-time Sales Associate – Three, U.K.

I am a part-time sales associate on weekends, helping customers solve their phone problems.


March 2015-Current:

Chinese Legal Interpreter – CAPITA Linguist, U.K.

I am a paralegal Chinese interpreter for magistrate courts, crown courts and immigration courts, interpreting for judges, solicitors and barristers.


February 2015-Current:

NHS Chinese Interpreter – Language Empire, U.K.

I am a part-time NHS Chinese interpreter, interpreting for GPs but I also offer Chinese tRanslation Services.


Freelance Chinese Court Interpreter – Bridge TIIS, U.K.

I am a part-time court Chinese interpreter and an interpreter for legal firms, interpreting for clients whose mother tongues’ are Chinese, and provide Chinese Translation Services on request


October 2014- Current:

Part-time Chinese Language Tutor – NE Language Project, U.K.

I am a part-time language tutor (Chinese/English) for companies and individual students.


September 2012 – Current:

Freelance Proofreader

I am a proofreader for articles or essays written by non-native English speakers .


September 2006 – August 2012:

English Lecturer – Jason Education Institute, Taiwan

I was responsible for teaching mainly high school students English for the entrance joint exam to university and compiling textbooks for students. I was also a marker for students’ English compositions.

Recruiter for Foreigner English Teachers (Native English Speakers) – Jason Education Institute, Taiwan

I was responsible for interviewing and accessing foreign English teachers to teach with our team.

Private English Tutor

I was responsible for helping my students to hit their targets based on their personal needs. The range of age of my students was between 6 and 30.


April 2011 – April 2012:

Freelance Chinese Escort Interpreter for exchange students and teachers from Czech Republic and U.S.A.

I was responsible for communicating between both sides and also arranging for the schedule for classes and events in Taiwan, also provided Chinese translation services.

Freelance Chinese Translator

I was responsible for Chinese Translation Services and translating programme notes, in which there were introductions for different pieces of works for classical music concerts

My Education as Chinese Interpreter and Chinese Conference Interpreter

November 2014- December 2014      Certificate in Teaching English to

Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA)

(Level 5 Teaching Qualification)


  • September 2013 – September 2014:  Newcastle University, MA degree in Linguistics and English Language (Pass with Merit) (Level 7), qualified Chinese Translator
  • September 2012 – July 2013: Newcastle University, Postgraduate certificate of Translating and Interpreting (Level 7), qualified Chinese translator and Chinese Interpreter
  • January 2012: Overall score 8.0 on The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • September 2006 – July 2010: Tunghai University, BA Foreign Language and Literature (Pass with 1st ) (Level 6)

  • MA in Linguistics, qualified Chinese Translator
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Translating and Interpreting, qualified Chinese Translator and Chinese Interpreter
  • BA in English

May 2012                          Level 8 Flute (Pass with Distinction) The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, U.K. (ABRSM)

November 2011                     Level 5 Music Theory (Pass with Merit),  The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, U.K. (ABRSM)

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